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This Halloween, give kids candy and the gospel!

The little devil, Stinky, was sent out Halloween night to get a present for Satan. Children will read the gospel as they see Stinky's terrible mistake.


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Top Ten Tract Titles
    1. This Was Your Life
     2. Greatest Story Ever Told
     3. A Love Story
     4. The Choice
     5. The Long Trip
     6. Some Like It Hot
     7. Who Is He?
     8. Little Ghost
     9. The Empty Tomb
   10. One Way!

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Special Purpose Tracts:

    The Little Ghost
    Happy Halloween
    The Little Princess

  What Happens After Death?:
    Some Like It Hot

    Party Girl
    The Bully

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When Life Is Over

The Truth About What Awaits You After Death

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He was unwanted and unloved, but God had a plan for Dann's life.

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The Enchanter
King of Kings
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A Lamp in the Dark

The Untold History of the Bible

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The Light of the World
Creation Seminar
Messages From Heaven
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Read 'Some Like It Hot' in English. Read 'Some Like It Hot' in English. Read 'Some Like It Hot' in Spanish. Read titles online Free! How do I use tracts? Do tracts really work? See more videos English - Things to Come? Spanish - Things to Come? Chick Cartoon Tract - 'Things To Come?' English Cartoon Tract - 'The Poor Revolutionist' English - The Poor Revolutionist Spanish - The Poor Revolutionist Read titles online FREE! How do I use tracts? A message from Jack Chick Evolution Masonry Jehovah's Witesses Islam Catholicism Bible Versions Battle Cry Newsletter 'Stinky' in English 'Stinky' in Spanish 'Stinky' in English Read titles online FREE! How do I use tracts?